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Q:  How do I join Troop 231?

A:   Contact Kevin Knesek, Scoutmaster.


Q:  What are the new rank requirements that take place on January 1, 2016?

A:   In addition to the new rank of Scout, there are new requirements for all previous ranks in Boy Scouts.  For information, read how the new requirements are phased in with this PDF document – Transitioning_New_Requirements_2016.   As well, a chart with a parallel comparison of the new requirements are shown in this PDF – 2016BoyScoutRequirements_8.14.2015.


New Scout Rank Badge


Q:  I have a lot of other questions about the new rank requirements.  Where can I find answers?

A:   You can find many answers to your questions in the published 2016 Boy Scouts Requirements FAQs found here – 2016BoyScoutrequirementsFAQs


Q:  Where can I get an insert with the new 2016 rank requirements for my previous Scout Handbook? 

A:   You can download and print an insert for your Scout Handbook if you are unable to acquire  the new 13th edition of the Boy Scout Handbook, available January 2016, which includes the new requirements as well as other new content updates.  Here is the insert – 524-012_BS_Requirements_Insert.